Tannis Slimmon | Lewis Melville

TANNIS SLIMMON is a critically acclaimed Canadian musician who has been singing, songwriting, recording, and touring locally, nationally and internationally for over 30 years. In 2008 she was honoured with the Contemporary Vocalist of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards for her album Lucky Blue.
Tannis grew up in a musical family on a farm in the prairies of western Canada. In 1980 she moved to Guelph, Ontario, where she began a serious professional music career. During the 80′s and 90′s she was a founding member of various regional roots bands, and appeared as a special guest on recordings and performances with key players in the CanRock Revolution.
After eleven years with the legendary trio The Bird Sisters, she struck off on her own in 2001 with her solo debut Oak Lake and followed it up with 2007′s award winning Lucky Blue. Both albums are highly regarded by critics and audiences alike.
You will find Tannis’ name on over 80 albums, contributing songs or singing harmonies for others including David Francie, Willie P. Bennett, Valdy and Rheostatics. Tannis plays guitar and mandolin. She performs solo, in a duo with Lewis Melville, in a trio with Katherine Wheatley and Jude Vadala, and in the vocal collectives Essentia and the Ondine Chorus. She has performed at folk clubs, festivals and community centres across Canada. Her music can be heard on public and college radio across North America.
Tannis will be joined by her talented partner/producer/co-writer/multi-instrumentalist LEWIS MELVILLE.