Kate Weekes and Keitha Clark House Concert – SOLD OUT

Feb. 2nd, 2016 – The second half of our 2015-16 season of house concerts kicks off with two performers from the Yukon – singer-songwriter Kate Weekes, and fiddler Keitha Clark on Tuesday Feb 2nd at 7:30 pm (Doors at 7:00).

Kate will arrive in BC for her Home Routes house concert tour after performing on the train across the country and then spending 3 weeks at the Banff Centre for the Arts for a musician’s residency. Her new album ‘Frost on Black Fur’ was described as adding “…an exotic allure to notions of life in the north with evocative imagery of frost, snow, darkness, spring thaw and mountain landscapes (Roger Levesque, Penguin Eggs).”

Kate is joined by Yukon fiddler Keitha Clark to deliver a performance of folk and swing music on their tour of BC.

Kate and Keitha have performed together at the Nanjing Jazz Festival in China in 2013 and have recorded two fiddle-based albums together with a group called ‘Home Sweet Home’.